open-homeAt Sooke Fax & Copy Centre we offer full fax, copy and bookkeeping services in downtown Sooke. We have been providing excellent service with a wide range of products and services since 1994. Please visit our location in downtown Sooke… on the roundabout!

Do you have a print job but are short on time?

Email your order to us! Include your print requirements along with your phone number and we’ll have it ready to pick up. Most jobs are done the same day!

Awarded Sooke’s 2015 Business of the Year Sooke Fax and Copy Centre stood out over the past year for its leadership in creative and positive marketing for itself and neighbouring businesses during the roundabout construction. They provided almost daily social media posts, all with a very positive and forward-looking message. Inconvenience during construction is impossible to avoid, yet this business chose to make it a marketing opportunity and set a standard of engagement that was unsurpassed. The entire community benefits from positive and effective marketing by any single business or entity and Sooke Fax and Copy Centre led the way for Sooke last year.