On September 30th we encourage reflection and support for National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Please note we will be closed Monday, October 2nd.

Need school supplies?

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Need school supplies ~ we individually sell those “only need one” items like Sharpies, white board markers, tape, red pens, and more! See us at 1-6649 Sooke Road…on the roundabout!


Save with PREPAID shredding bags!

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We sell PREPAID shredding bags! Purchase a paper bag for $10 plus tax, fill it then return it to us for shredding. Bags hold approximately 10 lbs, (regular price $1.50 per pound). Get yours at 1-6649 Sooke Road…on the roundabout!


Document scanning

Yes, we can scan your documents! Formats available : jpg, pdf, TIFF. Need them emailed or saved to a flash drive? We can do that too. Most jobs while you wait! Visit our office at 1-6649 Sooke Road.



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Weather-proof paper by Rite in the Rain. Repels water, grease, and mud, won’t rub off in harsh conditions. Sold by the sheet, ideal for fishing licenses or outdoor work sites. Use pencil or all-weather pen, ballpoint pens when paper is dry. Print on a laser printer only, (yup, we have a laser machine). Made from […]